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Soft Shell Mud Crab (1kg Pack)


Now here is something special.

Individualy wrapped Soft Shell Mud Crabs.

Crabs are an exoskeletal crustacean meaning they have a hard outside shell. They grow from the inside. When they are ready to get bigger, they cast of their hard outer shell exposing a new soft skinned shell underneath. They are harvested at exactly the right time then snap frozen, giving you as described a soft shelled crab.

Thaw and peel off the back. Leave all the other skin on as it will go crunchy when cooked. Remove Gills and clean out the mustard (if you are game you can leave it in). Pat dry with a paper towel, dust with flour and coat with your own batter or salt & pepper mix. Deep fry untill crunchy and cooked through and serve with a thai dipping sauce.

Simple but awesome. Eat them legs and all.

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