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Fresh Hiramasa Kingfish Port Lincoln South Australia (random weight sold per kg)


In a time of fishery quota reductions, shrinking fishing grounds and environmental concerns, the Hiramasa Kingfish offers a diverse, practical alternative 52 weeks a year.

Bred in a controlled hatchery environment and grown in the pristine, unpolluted waters of Port Lincoln South Australia, an area with some of the most stringent environmental controls in the world, the Hiramasa Kingfish is a top quality product you can trust.

The Hiramasa Kingfish is high in omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fattyacids (246mg/100g); up to 50% higher than found in Atlantic Salmon. They also have low levels of cholesterol (24mg/100g), and are an excellent source of protein (22%).

Makes an awesome Sashimi or Carpaccio and can be grilled or even cut thin, battered and deep fried for a very classy fish and chip. 

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