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Adelaide's Home Delivery Service For Restaurant Quality Seafood, Meat & Fingerfood. 

Premium Ingredients at the best possible price delivered to your door!


Glacier 51 Toothfish (sold by the side priced per kg)


The most decadent fish available in the country today.

The story is unbelievable. Men in a boat travel over 4200km from Perth to Heard Island in the treacherous freezing waters of Antarctica. They drop a line in over 2km deep water braving 20 foot swells only to be faced with the return trip of 4200km back to bring you a catch of Glacier 51 Toothfish.

Each fillet is trimmed clean and layed on a board then vac packed and snap frozen for distribution around the world as one of the most prized plate fish on the planet.

Each fillet weighs in at approximately 3.5kg and at a cost of $97.00kg this is approximately $340.00 piece of fish but let me tell you it is worth every cent.

Moist and buttery beyond belief it melts in your mouth. It can be grilled, baked or served raw as Sashimi or Carpaccio. High in Omega 3 oils it stays moist and must be seen to be truly appreciated. As white as snow the flesh is mild and flakey and truly decadent. 

Unique in South Australia to BK Quality Foods we are the only people to bring it to you.

Order now for an experience unmatched in fish in the world. 

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