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Fresh SA Blue Swimmer Crabs (1kg)

$29.95 $30.99

Arguably the sweetest tasting Crab there is.

Fresh Crabs are one of my favourite experiences in eating seafood.

Bring a couple of inches of Salty water to the boil and simply drop your crabs in. Once the water comes back to the boil you usually only need another 6 minutes. The Blue crabs will turn  a bright red. Once cooked remove from heat and drop into iced water to stop the cooking process.

Then comes the fun part.  While still al bit warm peel off the back shell remove the mustard and gills and dig into the beautiful sweet warm crab meat. Use your teeth (but be careful), a nut cracker, or even a small tenderising hammer to get into the claw meat. Suck out the sweet juice and pick away. Some people like to dip the crab flesh into vineger but I like just how it is.

You can pick the crab meat and use it in a crab pasta as well.

If you haven't noticed already.... I love these things....... Around 3 or 4 to a kg.

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